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Data-fluent solutions that
help you win. Big.

Our approach

Our approach is split into two effective ways to help you win.
We gain data-driven insights on people and build tools to drive
No matter your challenge, our ready-made
solutions can support you.

What’s your challenge?

Our products
& services

Market-leading capabilities build
the truest picture of what people
see, say, think, feel and do.

Proximity Mapping

Measure relevance and resonance with your audience against the competition

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Market Sizing

Size the audience, the market, the opportunity

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Tap the fastest growing trends that resonate with your target audience

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Cloud Conversations

Mine big data to understand what people Say and Feel

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Cost of Living Tracker

Understand the gaps between what people think, and how they spend

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Living Segmentation

Segmentation that evolves at the heart of the organisation

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Insight at Scale

Mine big data to understand what people think, feel and do

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Demand Spaces

Target growth by identifying the drivers of demand in your brand

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Demand Spaces

Targeting growth at the intersection of needs and occasions

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Creative Optimisation

Analysing creative performance and effectiveness at scale

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Brand Desire

Pinpoint the characteristics of your brand that drive performance.

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Data & Technology Audit

Mapping your existing Data & Technology to plan for impact

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Systems of Insight

Get the right insight, to the right decision makers, at the right time.

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Systems of Effectiveness

Track, Measure, Report, Optimise, without the legwork

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Metaverse Valuation Tool

Build your business case for entering the new digital economy

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Influence Cube

Identify the people and partners that your target audience listen to.

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Total Experience Index

Track 250+ Experience metrics to understand where you index against the competition.

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"A remarkable piece of work. The CEO said bigger decisions are made with less sophistication"

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"Fluency have set expectations for years to come. Living Segmentation brings us closer to the consumer than ever before."

American multinational technology company

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World’s largest sporting franchise

"These guys are transforming our insight and reporting systems with huge time savings, I'm going from 3 hours to 30mins... it's obscene!"


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