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Data-fluent solutions that
help you win. Big.

1. Understanding People

Our market-leading capabilities build the truest picture of what audiences See, Say, Think, Feel and Do. The results are game-changing.

Diverse data and new technology are transforming the way we understand people, generating deeper and more powerful truths that support decision-makers with smarter strategies, and deliver stronger outcomes.

Our range of capabilities, deep expertise, and flexible services enable you to fluently navigate tough challenges with the highest standard in data ethics. And our ready-made solutions give you fast access to some of the most cutting-edge technology in marketing.

Fluency’s powerful Insights Ecosystem is a sophisticated combination of world-leading technology leveraging diverse data to produce the most comprehensive understanding of people on the market.


  • Audience Segmentation & Insight
  • Cultural & Consumer Trends
  • Experience & Journey Mapping
  • Influencers & Communities
  • Brand Equities & Brand Strategy
  • Behavioural Tracking
  • Brand Health & Brand Tracking
  • Reputation & Trust Building

2. Driving Performance

Every decision brings risk and opportunity. Organisations that are led by smart data, are winning. We Track, Analyse, Predict, Target, and Measure to set our clients up for success.

Organisations using advanced analytics are 8.5x more likely to grow at 20%+ every year. Our solutions are designed to transform outcomes. Whether you are building a business case for the board, understanding if your campaigns are effective, pursuing marketing automation, or improving the way your organisation gets value from data, our consulting expertise will fluently put data at the centre of your organisation’s decision-making, both big and small.

Our full suite of tracking, measurement, evaluation and effectiveness solutions from Market Mix Modelling and Econometrics, through to cutting-edge ai-powered brand performance evaluation models, bring you fingertip control, and help you to create intelligent brands fit for the 21st century.


  • Data & Tech Consultancy
  • Growth Strategy & Modelling
  • Digital Transformation
  • Measurement & Effectiveness
  • Tracking, Benchmarking & KPIs
  • Market Sizing & Pricing Strategy
  • Business Case Development
  • Messaging & Platform Strategy

"Truly first class,
every step of the way."

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"A remarkable piece of work. The CEO said bigger decisions are made with less sophistication"

Major Utility

"Fluency are the bridge from where you are now, to where you want to be"


"Fluency have set expectations for years to come. Living Segmentation brings us closer to the consumer than ever before."

American multinational technology company

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World’s largest sporting franchise

"These guys are transforming our insight and reporting systems with huge time savings, I'm going from 3 hours to 30mins... it's obscene!"


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