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Mind The Gap: Closing the Say-Do Gap with Fluency

M&C Saatchi Fluency’s Tim Spencer and Matt Steel on how Fluency is heralding a new era of better-quality research and insight that gets us closer…

Data-Fuelled vs Data-Fluent

In today’s world, data is not merely numbers; it’s a dynamic currency. Brands are progressively becoming data-fuelled, some simply have proprietary data, others are investing...

"Truly first class,
every step of the way."

Global athletic footwear and apparel company

"Flippin' heck, they're Impressive!"

Campaign Magazine

"A remarkable piece of work. The CEO said bigger decisions are made with less sophistication"

Major Utility

"Fluency are the bridge from where you are now, to where you want to be"


"Fluency have set expectations for years to come. How a living segmentation can bring us closer to the consumer than ever before."

American multinational technology company

"Working with Fluency is helping us see around corners"

World’s largest sporting franchise

"These guys are transforming our insight and reporting systems with huge time savings, I'm going from 3 hours to 30mins... it's obscene!"