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Worried about Stagflation? Here’s how Brand Desire can help

The future of brand-building needs solutions that can help you adapt to macroeconomic turbulence with speed and success.

By leveraging the Brand Desire Engine as a strategic tool, you can not only soften the blow from critical global challenges like stagflation, but also intelligently reveal how to enhance your brand’s revenue.

Let’s set the scene 

Brands are facing endless macroeconomic challenges. Finding ways to make sense of them is no longer a nice to have. With increasing levels of uncertainty and the threat of a recession, it’s a matter of survival.  
While the context isn’t improving, one thing has changed for the better: the tools we have to make sense of it. 

The Problem  

Global economic pressure has created significant challenges for brands, who cannot produce goods and services as cost effectively. The impact? 

A Desirable Solution

Boosting customer demand can mitigate the impact of increased running costs. That’s where brand desire comes in, by pinpointing what consumers want and optimising for those key drivers, a brand can sell more at a higher price (based on rising costs, and justified by demand).

Strategic investment in brand desire means happier consumers and a strong bottom line. 

Fixing Fixed Supply

With the economic system being severely stress-tested with sociopolitical issues, the war in Ukraine, ESG concerns etc., supply chains are struggling. Leveraging brand desire can help generate margin even when supply is fixed. If demand goes up, so can prices – leading to enhanced revenues for the same quantity of goods. 

Brand Desire is a Critical Tool

Experts from Clear and Fluency teamed up to create an AI-powered engine and precision consulting framework. The result is critical business insights including: 

Start Future-Proofing your Brand

Want to weather macroeconomic storms by giving consumers exactly what they need? 

Visit for a full introduction to the Brand Desire Engine – and the multidisciplinary team of strategists and data-scientists behind it. 

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