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Fluency: To build Intelligent Brands, data is both the foundation and the fuel

Fluency’s view is that brands are gradually becoming more ‘cognitive’, and this is the path to creating Intelligent Brands. Data lies at the heart of this story.

Entrepreneurial brand leaders pursuing data fluency are really already pioneering the next generation of Intelligent Brands, that are fit and ready for an ever-changing future.

Tim Spencer – CSO Fluency

Fluency M&C Saatchi describes a world at our doorstep

For those of us in marketing with what might be described as ‘geekish tendencies’, the world of cognitive sciences presents significant interest.

Encompassing diverse disciplines including artificial intelligence, psychology, anthropology, and many more, cognitive sciences is a complex field where significant work is under way to bring life-like sentience to objects and entities.

In one small, but significant step, cognitive sciences will come to impact entities that we understand very well: brands.

Brand management at the start of the 2020s remains a clunky pursuit, with a greater degree of hope built into decision-making than is desirable or perhaps necessary.

Cognitive, Intelligent Brands mean change is something you thrive on, you evolve with and that you can flourish within. This isn’t futurology. It’s here right now. And data fluency is the foundation of intelligent brands. It will underpin how they develop and tie together new and existing technologies.

Tim Spencer – CSO Fluency

Building Intelligent Brands will change how brand management is performed on a daily basis. Imagine a brand with heightened capabilities to sense or feel its environment; self-perception & self awareness to better judge its interactions and create audience relationships with empathy and understanding, mutuality and reward; the ability to learn and draw on experience to offer more dynamic customer partnerships; the ability to embrace change in order to learn and evolve – and not only to survive in market, but to flourish.

It’s a world of dynamic responsiveness to a brand’s ecosystems, with effortless data-driven decision-making built in.

At Fluency, we focus on helping brands to connect data, insight and strategy in a more fluent way. Our studies have shown that data fluency offers significant and immediate benefit to bottom line growth, but there is something else it brings that will excite brand leaders. The entrepreneurial leaders with a vision for data fluency will not only drive new revenue growth, they are also building brands that are ready for the future because the journey to data fluency is the very foundation on which creating Intelligence Brands will stand, those that are fit and ready for whatever is coming.

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