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The Hashtags and Topics Dominating Twitter

To mark the 15th anniversary of the Twitter hashtag, we explore some of the most popular hashtags over the past four years alongside the people and topics at the heart of the platforms discussions.

43 Million + Tweets – #NFT 

The new blockchain phenomenon has gained a huge community following on social media this year, with giveaways proving to be highly successful in promoting the influencers at its forefront. Despite their recent drops in value, NFTs remain a core discussion topic on Twitter.

60 Million + Tweets – #COVID19

With the lockdowns of the past two years leading to Twitters userbase doubling since 2019 (, the virus became a dominant topic on the platform. Over 11 million tweets used the hashtag in March 2020, and it has remained a relevant topic in 2022 due to this years Partygate controversies

95 Million + Tweets – #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

The recent military coup in Myanmar (formally Burma) has resulted in the deaths of over 2,100 people according to the Assistance Association of Political Prisoners (BBC). Despite this, civilians continue to organise protests and strikes to oppose the new government on Twitter, fuelling the staggering amount of uses of the hashtag. Similarly, Black Lives Matter and EndSARS have been huge topics on Twitter, demonstrating the power the social media platform has in regards to social and political movements. 

107 Million + Tweets – #IHeartAwards

The IHeartAwards hashtag has had by far the most uses over the past four years. Fans flock to Twitter to vote for their favourite bands and artists across a variety of categories at the annual award show, with the massive fanbase of the South Korean boyband BTS being the primary users of the hashtag. The success of the hashtag has given brilliant exposure to IHeartMedia, displaying the staggering power that Twitter voting can have in terms of brand promotion. Two of the voting hashtags in this awards ceremony are listed in the Top 10 most used hashtags below

The Top 10 Most Used Hashtags since 2018

  1. #IHeartAwards
  2. #WhatsHappeningInMyanmar
  3. #Covid19
  4. #BestFanArmy
  5. #EndSARS
  6. #NFT
  7. #BestMusicVideo
  8. #MAMAVote
  9. #BTSArmy
  10. #got7

Topics of Prominence 

Aside from these hashtags, Trump has by far been the most talked about individual on the platform over the past 4 years. Events such as the 2020 election, the Capitol Riots and his controversial ban from the platform has led to much discussion about the former President, both supportive and critical. He was mentioned in over 45 million tweets in October 2020 alone, due to his illness with Covid-19. Boris Johnson has also been the subject of extreme scrutiny on Twitter, being the subject of approximately 55 million tweets over the past 4 years. 

Alongside these two controversial figures, YouTube has been a core subject of discussion on Twitter. Most content creators on the video sharing platform use Twitter to interact with their fans and promote new videos, prompting the organisation to be mentioned in over 100 million tweets since 2018. YouTubers have also complained about the sites support system frequently on Twitter. Many have voiced their annoyance at their videos being banned for no reason with their fans support, leading to approximately a third of YouTube’s mentions on Twitter being of a negative sentiment. 

With data diversity at the core of our business, Twitter is one of the many consumer discourse spaces we study in order to unpack insight and learnings for our clients. Get in touch to find out how we can help you achieve your business objectives using Fluency’s data-diverse lens. 

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