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Are You Missing Out on The Real Impact of Data Fluency?

It’s not news that data is integral to our businesses, transforming the way we make decisions, solve problems, and understand human behaviour. It has become a hugely relevant and powerful solution to some of the most pressing challenges in technology today. 

However, the world is complicated. It’s fast-moving, complex and chaotic.

Data should be helping us make sense of it, but data is just as fast-moving, complex, and chaotic as the world around it. 

Businesses can now get closer to the truth than ever before, harnessing data’s capabilities to their advantage. But to do so, they must change the way they use data. It’s time for data-fluency. 

The Power of Fluency

In an era where information overload is the norm, the ability to discern accurate insights from the sea of data available has become a huge concern. Especially considering that not all data is made equal (read our article where we talk about the Say-Do gap), data fluency provides businesses with the means to comprehend, analyse, and effectively act upon all of the data that’s available to them. 

By mastering data fluency, businesses can bridge this Say-Do gap and discern between information and actionable knowledge. It enables brands to move beyond the surface, gaining a deeper and better understanding of human behaviour. 

Understanding Humans and What They See, Say, Think, Feel and Do

To truly understand people, it’s essential to grasp not only what they say, but also what they see, think, feel and do surveys may not accurately reflect real-life behaviour, as the insight depicts what respondents say they do, rather than what they actually do. 

This disparity can lead businesses astray; they can be making data-driven decisions, but these decisions are based on the wrong data, or rather incomplete data for what they need. 

Insight from our diverse set of tools ($5m data stack, AI ecosystem and expert team of creative data scientists and analysts) equips us to decode these intricacies. By analysing all data to be data-fluent, we can paint a more accurate picture of human behaviour and preferences. 

Fluency adopts a more holistic approach to data, which looks at diverse datasets and different data points in our data stack, which consists of best global and local suppliers, including traditional qualitative and quantitative data, biometrics and psychographics AI’s, and action-based data. This extensive data stack brings our clients greater insights into consumer behaviour and sentiment, beyond what plain research data can bring them. 

The Missing Link: Data Fluency

The solution is clear: data fluency.

Embracing data fluency is not just an advantage; it’s becoming a strategic need. It’s the tool that enables you to harness the power of data for meaningful, actionable and more successful outcomes.

Becoming Data Fluent 

So. the power of data fluency lies not just in accessing data, but in understanding it and acting upon it. In a landscape where information is abundant and the opportunity to understand people has never been greater, with an unprecedented amount of data at our fingertips. It is about accessing the right data and making it actionable to understand people.

We are closer to the truth than ever, those who embrace data fluency are positioning themselves and their businesses for success. 

So, don’t let the opportunity slip through your fingers and miss out, embrace data fluency and navigate the data landscape with confidence and insight. 

Our purpose here at Fluency is to empower our clients on their data fluency journey and help them make the right data-driven decisions that are in line with consumer sentiment. 

Looking to build data fluency for your brand? Reach out to us today! 

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