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Driving brand health KPIs using advanced ‘systems of insight’

United Nations

Using artificial intelligence to tackle extremism


Modelling brand ambassadors capable of driving growth


Mapping the ecosystem to understand where to play and how to win


Driving fans to the heart of the organisation through advanced segmentation


Using AI to map growth trend opportunities among new audiences

Thames Water

Modelling the business case for investment in brand & marketing

"Truly first class,
every step of the way."

Global athletic footwear and apparel company

"Flippin' heck, they're Impressive!"

Campaign Magazine

"A remarkable piece of work. The CEO said bigger decisions are made with less sophistication"

Major Utility

"Fluency are the bridge from where you are now, to where you want to be"


"Fluency have set expectations for years to come. Living Segmentation brings us closer to the consumer than ever before."

American multinational technology company

"Working with Fluency is helping us see around corners"

World’s largest sporting franchise

"These guys are transforming our insight and reporting systems with huge time savings, I'm going from 3 hours to 30mins... it's obscene!"